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We provide the entire range of logistics services, as a national and international shipping company, in such a way that we can respond to any requests for national and international road transportation of oversized goods, air cargo freight, river/ sea shipping.

We take pride in the fact that we can find any logistic solution for delivery of any type of goods, regardless of their size, weight and final destination.

As a shipping company, we also offer maritime transportation services by charter or liner ships, depending on requests, itinerary, in consideration of the complex nature of the goods transported. Due to the partnerships we have in several foreign countries, we are also ensuring and performing the following operations: loading/ unloading of goods from ship to terminal and from terminal to ship, documentation related to terminals, storage of goods, sea shipping, loading/unloading to/from truck/ship.

Last but not least, we provide goods transportation services by conventional railway and other advantageous solutions for air cargo freight all over the world.

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