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Special Transport 3M is one of the most important Romanian companies providing transportation services. The company, set up over a decade ago, is a family business established and developed through three generations of experience.

Our mission is to ensure transportation services of the highest quality for our clients. Faithful to our mission, we believe that it is important to offer full logistic services, under the leadership of a national and international shipping company. In that, we could respond to any requirements regarding heavy transportation.

We are able to offer a wide range of national and international heavy transportation services, such as: land transportation as well as railway, river, sea and air shipping.

One of our strengths consists in transportation of oversized vehicles and machinery, an area in which we have an extensive experience. Special Transport 3M has hauled pieces of large dimensions and exceptional weights, such as high voltage transformers weighing between 150 and 200 tons, 40 meters long concrete girders, mixer crowns for the wood industry with a diameter of 8.40 meters, and agricultural and construction equipment of various sizes.

Thus, we provide special heavy shipping services by multiple means of transportation. We also provide all the necessary logistics services, such as selecting the best itinerary, obtaining authorizations, and ensuring civil escort.

Another one of our objectives was to develop a well trained team and a high performance fleet of vehicles. Based on these resources, we have succeeded in building solid and long-standing partnerships with our clients.

Our values

Shipping is a complex activity, and in order to be successful, we demand excellence in everything we do. Therefore, our values are:

• Three generations of experience in transportation
• Excellent endowment of the auto park
• Fairness in the relationships with our partners
• Promptness and efficiency in providing transportation services

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